The heart must be soft – st. Seraphim Rose

We should not think we can be hard and cold and correct and still be Christians. Being correct is external side of Christianity. It’s important but not of first importance. Of primary importance is the heart. The heart must be soft, the heart must be warm. If we do not have this warm heart, we have to ask God to give it, and we have to try ourselves to do those things by which we can acquire it.

One thing that can save us is simplicity.  It can be ours in our hearts if we pray to God to make us simple; if we just do not think of ourselves so wise.

As soon as you begin to hear or think to yourself critical statements (about people in the Church), you have to stop and warn yourself that, even it its true because often those statements are true to some degree this critical attitude is a very negative thing.  It will not get you anywhere. Remember not to judge, not to think you’re so wise that you know better.  On the contrary, try to learn perhaps without words, from some of those people whom you might be critical of.
If we follow the simple path distrusting our own wisdom, doing the best we can with our mind, yet realizing that our mind, without warmth of heart, is a very weak tool hen an Orthodox philosophy of life will begin to be formed in us.

Father Seraphim Rose