Holy Divine Liturgy on the occasion of the celebration of our Holy Venerable Father Gavril Athonite, Bishop of Velica, held at the Monastery of “St Clement of Ohrid” in Kinglake, Melbourne, Victoria

On January 12, 2024, when the Holy Church celebrates the memory of: Venerable Gavril (Gabriel) of Velica; Holy Martyr Anisia; Venerable Theodora of Constantinople; Holy Apostle Timon; Venerable Theodora of Caesarea; The Venerable Martyr Gideon; Saint Dionysius of Zakynthos, in the monastery of “Saint Clement of Ohrid” in King Lake Victoria, the Abbot of the Monastery, Father Gavril (Galev) together with the Very Reverend Jovan Dimitrov from the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad celebrated the Holy Divine Liturgy.

At the Holy Liturgy, the faithful partook of the Holy Mysteries of Christ.

The Feast was enriched by the beautiful singing of Hieromonk Georgi Fejalun from the Antiochian Orthodox Church.

The Holy Divine Liturgy was attended by a multitude of people, who had the opportunity to venerate and bow before the Holy Relics and before the newly made icon of our Holy Father Gavril of Velica, which was painted by the skilled hand of the painter Nikola Betinski. The faithful venerated the Holy Relics with joy and addressed their prayers to the saints.

Father Gavril delivered an appropriate sermon for the occasion through which he introduced the faithful to the character, life and work of Saint Gavril Athonite, the Bishop of Velica, as well as to the large number of miracles that occur to this day through his prayers.

At the end, the multitude of believers congratulated the Abbot of the Monastery, Father Gavril (Galev) on his name day and wished him good health, great success in the new year of the Lord, and many moments filled with joy.

The Information Service of the Australian-Sydney Orthodox Diocese on its own behalf, on behalf of the clergy and the faithful people, congratulates our beloved Father Gavril (Galev), the Abbot of the Monastery “Saint Clement of Ohrid” on his name day, and wishes him for many years to preach Christ our God among the people of God.

Through the prayers of our Holy Father Gavril Athonite, bishop of Velica, Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us! Amen.

With Love in Christ
Australian-Sydney Orthodox Diocese